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Gems and Pipes, a DOS-game made in ZZT by Jojoisjo, 2000. via worldsofzzt

Crappy GIF-extract of Cory Arcangel’s movie Urbandale, 2000.

386 DX – The Best of (CD, Staalplaat, 2000). Read more.

Black Maiden logo by Avenger & Mr Wong, 2000.

Details from Schwipp Schwapp by Sibbi and Der Euf of Black Maiden, 2000.

“UFO in mesh” by Akiyoshi Kitaoka (2000).

Made by zeroVision, 2000.

Typographic Abstracts by Andrew Hurle, 2000. 

The series below have been typeset, then reduced to create a low magnification, screen impression. They represent an extreme approximation of the ASCII figures as they have been abbreviated within a short serial edition: photo > text > screen > print. At this end of this series, the figures become completely abstract, depicting line and paragraph blocks rather than individual letter shapes.

More Hurle here.

A day of a lonely dog by the Japanese artist Maki Ueda, 2000. Shown in a teletext exhibition on the Dutch channel NPS, also featuring works by Edwin van der Heide, JODI, Joost Rekveld and Wolf.

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