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One part of IDN by Jodi. It’s net art that looks like concrete poetry and acts as a critique of international domain name standards. Or something. (Although Unicode is supported nowadays, all domain names are still ASCII beneath the surface.) Read more about it here.

URL-animations by

Glen Chiacchieri 2015. Displays in the address bar of the browser. Click on one to see! Gifs posted by The Verge here.

Also check the game that you can play in the address bar: Flappy Braille.

386 DX – The Best of (CD, Staalplaat, 2000). Read more.

Link X by Alexei Shulgin, 1996. Early classic net.art. Read more at Online Museum. The original work is still available here.

From the site for the wedding of Emma Davidson (aka Lektrogirl) and Paul B. Davis, 2004. The marriage might be over, but the site lives on!

From Andy DeckASCII jam (2001). Online software to make and publish anonymous ASCII art. it’s still being used today, as you can see here.

2024-update: After 2014 there was no more activity

Icontext by Andy Deck, 1999. Online tool where each ASCII-chracter represents a colour, so you can type colours. Try it out!