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Nokia ringtones teletext ads from 2001, recovered by the teletext archeologist.

Uncle Murrie’s Bloated Animal Funland a ZZT-game by Kurisu-sama (2001).

Via Worlds of ZZT.

Crop circles in Kansas, 2001. See hi-res image at NASA’s site.

The original emoji set, made by Shigetaka Kurita for DoCoMo in 1999 (top image, now in MOMA). The other images are from the 2001-version, which Monica recently turned into a font that you can use for free.

Good shading in this ASCII-conversion by Loxosceles in 2001.

Sexting in a Swedish mainstream music video from 2001. Patrik Isaksson – Ruta 1.

h/t: Moa Lundqvist

From the Artoon stitch series by Delaware, 2001.

Source code for converting text into ASCII stereograms. The source code itself is a also stereogram (cross your eyes to get 3D-effect).

Hermannn2 by Immanuel Hermann, 2001.

From Andy DeckASCII jam (2001). Online software to make and publish anonymous ASCII art. it’s still being used today, as you can see here.

2024-update: After 2014 there was no more activity

The Teletext Babez video, with χχχ teletext pages from german cable TV collected by Dragan Espenschied and χχχ tune by Bodenständig 2000. It was broadcasted for the first time on October 6th 2001 on P.A.R.K. 4DTV Amsterdam.