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Crop circles in Kansas, 2001. See hi-res image at NASA’s site.

The Macrocom Method is a text mode trick for PC to use 16-colour hi-res graphics in CGA. The principle was to use only the top two pixel rows of each text character, and remove the rest. Image by VileR.

Macrocom was a company that first showed this trick in 1984 with the game ICON. Read more here. h/t: Rowan Lipkovits

Cairo tiling. See Nicolas Barradeau’s animation here.

Yarn works by Hot tea.

Photos from above: Pineapple garden maze, solar panels in Tonopah, Angkor Wat, olive trees in Córdoba, beach in Viareggio.

via Daily Overview (Tumblr). h/t: Tim Koch

Peka face in a swollen font by cbavka.

Frieder Nake, Untitled, 1972, serigraph