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Picture Prestel was an experimental feature of the videotex standard Prestel. It was demonstrated in 1980 but never implemented. Images from here and here (a great video explainer).

Graphic Variations on Telidon by Pierre Moretti, 1979 or 1980. Telidon was a Canadian videotex service with textmode and vector graphics and Moretti was the first professional artist to work with Telidon.

Video saved here, just in case. Previously featured here.

Frog! by Bob Carr, 1980. PETSCII-game running on the PET computer.

Dromeda (aka Andromeda) by Bob Carr, 1980. PETSCII-animation running on the PET computer.

Teletext graphics by Richard Gingras, 1980. This service was called Now and ran on KCET-TV. It was part of a collaboration between CBS, NBC and PBS to test the French Antiope standard for teletext. The project was supported by Télédiffusion de France.

Images from Gingras’ website, which is only partly archived on archive.org. There’s an interview with Gingras about his teletext work here.

Post updated 2024.

BBC’s CEEFAX service, as detailed by the index printed in the Radio Times, 2-8 February 1980. Via.

Ferguson’s teletext, from EMI’s Thorn Group shows the state of the teletext  art in June 1980, via.

Rain Dance, a demo for Commodore PET made by Bob Carr, 1980. Good stuff!

Sinclair ZX80 character set, including nonprintable characters (shown as questionmarks) and BASIC keywords.