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Neotokyo, a Sharp MZ-700 demo by Fit, Ivory Labs and Quadtrip released in May 2018.

Sharp MZ-700 character sets (Japanese first, European second), from sharpmz.org. See sharpscii graphics here.

“It’s summer so it’s high. I also want to play Hansen Hogan in a beer garden. Wah-ha ha ha! !” source

Text mode art on the Sharp MZ-700 computer. Or SharpSCII, as it’s called. source

Via toshiya takeda

キャラグラヘルパーCG HELPER, conversion for MZ-700

MZ-700な落書き By hundredarms (2008).

お正月キャラグラカード2006  by すぎもと

IN SUMMER TIME..... by 図面屋さん

未来都市  by しんやしきやすふみ(Sin)さん