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χχχ-rated MZ-700 graphics made in 2007 by Ugeo, who writes about each image here.

Drawing with HTML, from this 2007 YouTube-clip with a fitting soundtrack.

By fence-post, 2007.

ASCII Pumper, a program from 2007 to colorize ASCII art for IRC.

Drawing a landscape in Japanese text, with insert on.


Vinyl mural by Jeremy Quinn, 2007. source

Poster with all 51,980 characters of Unicode 5.0 (2007). By Johannes Bergerhausen, Siri Poarangan & Wenzel Spingler for the decodeunicode project.


World’s Largest Lite-Brite by Mark Beekman, 2007. A recreation of DaVinci’s Last Supper using 125,000 Lite-brite pegs.

Pac-Man Xmas tree in front of Caja Madrid’s monolite and the KIO Towers. Plaza de Castilla, Madrid (Spain, 2007).

An interpretation of what the game Gauntlet could have looked like for the MZ-700. Made by GomaSP in 2007.

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