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Fuck yourself with your logic / #KYBDslöjd Noise my TxT with Alexandra Nilsson #teletext #typewriter #C64 #PETSCII #cassette live performance by rakelmeyers

Viking Shoppers by Gibson & Martelli 1999. A performance/installation with live dance and ASCII-cameras.

More infomore video.

Drawing a landscape in Japanese text, with insert on.


Piksel13 (2014) Performance – Mind The Volcano! ( Raquel Meyers & Goto80)
Live C64 performance & Teletext
Via #internetarchive

Thread of fate. Choose your destiny with a #teletext page!
A solo performance by raquel meyers.
“Analog-Epilog” Musrara Mix #14 Festival, 20th-22th may 2014.

THE YETI SOUND MACHINE (2014) at Capitaine Futur | La Gaîté lyrique.
The show presents a magical world, that is made with animated text characters and 8-bit music. Raquel Meyers and Goto80 have worked in this field for 10 years, and have developed a unique style that is far from retro and nostalgia.

Streaming of the Live audiovisual C64-performance by Raquel Meyers and Goto80 at Dataslöjd @ Simultáneo

Hot typewriter setup by Ryu Hankil, here together with stuff from Choi Joonyong and Hong Chulki. Thanks to Jamie Allen for the heads up. via

ASCII-performance by A. Bill Miller with plenty of noise and feedback. Transfer Gallery, April 2013. via