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abillmiller for glitChicago at Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, running until September 28.

KBP-Reconfigure by A. Bill Miller, 2010.

Glitchy ASCII-animation by abillmiller.

An academic paper on ASCII art: Future Potentials For ASCII Art. By  Goto80 and A. Bill Miller, just released for free at Chipflip.

A. Bill Miller working on his Gridworks exhibition for Transfer Gallery, 2013.

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ASCII-performance by A. Bill Miller with plenty of noise and feedback. Transfer Gallery, April 2013. via

ASCII Browser Compositions by A Bill Miller. Experiments in displaying text (not images) on the web. It maintains the original modularity of the content, but also allows for different typography compared to what textmode normally offers.


gridworks installation preview


GLI.TC/H 2112

By A Bill Miller