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Lite-Brite, originally from 1967 and still produced today. h/t: Ray Manta

Plus-Plus, building bricks from Denmark.

World’s Largest Lite-Brite by Mark Beekman, 2007. A recreation of DaVinci’s Last Supper using 125,000 Lite-brite pegs.

Luminodot templates, via [old un-archived Amazon-page].

Luminodot by Bandai, 2008. A 70×50 grid with pegs. Also see the Lite-Brite.

HABA Pattern Mosaic toy

Alpha Bit by apangaroda, 2014. Thanks to prosthetic knowledge for the tip.

Mosaic pattern blocks by Atelier Fischer, from here.

Wooden mosaic board game from Germany, ca. 1930s. From an Ebay ad, but the link is broken.