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Lite-Brite, originally from 1967 and still produced today. h/t: Ray Manta

Timm Ulrichs, in «edition et» no. 3, Edited by Bernhard Höke, Verlag Christian Grützmacher, Berlin, 1967. Via garadinervi.

Military ASCII art from 1967 using a custom system that combined US ASCII and vector graphics, fit for 2400 baud distribution. More info also here.

Illustration from the teleprinter novel Informed Sources by Willard S. Bain, 1967.

Theory of Relativity , Protocol Sentences and Memory Matrix by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, 1967.

Sample page from blewointment magazine 1967 featuring poems by Earle Birney and David Frith as well as event listings for Alan Neil Trio and an ad for a bpNichol book.

Art Typing by Nathan Krevolin. Published by Pitman in 1967, 8th printing 1974. Thanks to Andrew Belsey for sharing this.

Update: the book is now available on archive.org thanks to Marcin Wichary.

Anni Albers (1899-1994), Study for Camino Real, 1967

From Playboy, October 1967.

2024-update: not sure if we got this from here, but this exact page was featured in a custom-made Playboy issue for Forrest Gump in 1994. It was dated to July 1966.

Dom Sylvester Houedard’s “typestract the five buddhas” (1967)