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Tim Koch’s custom charset animations.

C64 PETSCII with custom font by DataDoor.

Jellica’s cosmic wolf in hebrew teletext, and remixed by Ray Manta with a custom PETSCII font.

Made by DataDoor with custom PETSCII-font.

Charset Noir by DataDoor, made with a custom PETSCII-font.

Ray Manta has started to work with custom character sets on the C64. Technically speaking (character encoding) this is all PETSCII, but…

Images from here and here.

Səʊʃəlɪz(ə)m and Broken Totem.

PETSCII by Ray Manta, 2015.

_​|​ ̄​|​○ by Goto80, with PETSCII design by iLKke. Bottom photo by xyce.