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Jgs font by Adel Faure, 2022. A font family where the characters connect to one another, making it ASCII-good. Also includes some non-ASCII characters. Work in progress. A tribute to Joan Stark (jgs).

Check out his other good tools here.

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ANSI with custom font and colours (Xbin) by Ansichrist/Sense, 2004.

Datafall by Ray Manta, made with his custom charset in Retrospecs.

Made by Polyducks with a custom PETSCII-font, published in Mistigris’ March collection.

Tim Koch’s custom charset animations.

C64 PETSCII with custom font by DataDoor.

Textmode works by Polyducks for Mistigris 1117.

Jellica’s cosmic wolf in hebrew teletext, and remixed by Ray Manta with a custom PETSCII font.