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White Star Letter Combination from Palmer & Rey. Unknown date. via

“Working on a new textmode editor… again”. Adel Faure, 2023 from his ko-fi. The tool is called Textor and is available online here.

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Jgs font by Adel Faure, 2022. A font family where the characters connect to one another, making it ASCII-good. Also includes some non-ASCII characters. Work in progress. A tribute to Joan Stark (jgs).

Check out his other good tools here.

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ANSI with custom font and colours (Xbin) by Ansichrist/Sense, 2004.

Datafall by Ray Manta, made with his custom charset in Retrospecs.

Made by Polyducks with a custom PETSCII-font, published in Mistigris’ March collection.

Tim Koch’s custom charset animations.

C64 PETSCII with custom font by DataDoor.