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Page 53 in Typographical Printing Surfaces by Legros & Grant, 1916. The universal langauge of emojis, eh? via Karly Wildenhaus.

Glenn Fleishman found a 1916 emoji story in this book.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, January 21, 1910


Design for a tile floor, and entrance hall /  Theo van Doesburg (c.1917)

Theo van Doesburg / Press card. May 1917-November 1918.

Theo van Doesburg / Female nude with Hand on Her Head. 1917

Theo van Doesburg / Study for Composition VIII (The Cow). 1918 (?)

Theo van Doesburg / Girl Knitting on the Harbor 1918 (?).
charcoal and gouache on paper

Monograms by Theo van Doesburg (1919)

Micrography by J. Sofer in France, ca 1910.

Popular postcards featuring the micrographic portraits of renowned rabbis were produced in Europe at the beginning of the twentieth century. The portrait of Rabbi Kahn, formed from a French text, is drawn from his writings.