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One of the works from Wæveform, by Paul Prudence, 2024. More posts.

Vladimir Putin in ASCII generated by ChatGPT, via chatgpt.art.

aiweirdness: I’ve finally found it: a use for chatGPT that I find genuinely entertaining. I enjoy its ASCII art.

I think chatGPT’s ASCII art is great. And so does chatGPT.

What’s going on here? The chatbots are flailing. Their ASCII art is terrible, and their ratings are based on the way ratings should sound, not based on any capacity to judge the art quality.

Am I entertained? Okay, yes, fine. But it also goes to show how internet-trained chatbots are using common patterns rather than reality. No wonder they’re lousy at playing search engine.

More examples, including from bing chat and google bard, at aiweirdness.com

Generative patterns made in Amstrad BASIC by Rob Manuel (of @yorecomputer fame). Posted at b3ta.com, h/t @calmdownkidder.

Petitsmotifs, a Twitter-bot by @nyxtaki that generates Unicode patterns.



Project by
Casey Rodarmor produces abstract ANSI / ASCII art using neural networks:

I trained a bunch of neural networks on artscene art, and after much
tweaking and sifting through the output, this is what it produced.

More Here

Images generated by polyhedral dice throws. That, and James Bills.

via prostheticknowledge

Hypothetical Surface 1 by David R Garson, 1969. Computer prints made with IBM-stuff. Not sure, but it looks like text.

Walk-Through-Raster serie 2.1 by Frieder Nake, 1966. Programmed in ALGOL 60, plotted with a ZUSE-Graphomat Z64. More info here and here.