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Andrew Strauss, 2023/2024.

[\b]ackspace drawings, using a plotter. Paul Prudence, 2023.

Paul Rickards uses the Silver Reed Colour Pengraph EB50 from 1984 as typewriter and plotter. It’s like vector graphics on a typewriter. Photos and video here.

Computer Graphics and Art, August 1976.

Cover by Waldemar Cordeiro. Peace & Love fabric design by Harjnder Rajasansi. Triangle painting by Roger Coqart. Mosaic by Groupe Couleur. George Washington portrait by C. T. Manning.

More at Triangulation blog (via nerdcore)

Plotter drawing by Günther Schulz, 1985, via..

Computer plotted image by Yasuhiro Matsuoka, 1985.

Walk-Through-Raster serie 2.1 by Frieder Nake, 1966. Programmed in ALGOL 60, plotted with a ZUSE-Graphomat Z64. More info here and here.