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Typographic faces in The Strand magazine, England, March 1909. from yesterdaysprint

LEF II/6 (1924) [ЛЕФ] (1924), the journal of the Left Front of the Arts.

Micro User Volume 4 Number 12, February 1987, via.

Mini-Quadro, basic game where PETSCII looks like cross-stitch!
From the German magazine 64’er, july 1990.  

ありがとうベーマガ by すぎもと

Sharp’s MZ-700 review, magazine Your Computer – July 1983

Illustrations from the new e-zine Order of the Shadow Wolf #1, January 2014. Made by the electro artist Legowelt. No images, no unicode, no links. Just plain text like in the pre-internet BBS-world, just without the bomb recipes & puberty.

Build your own teletext decoder published by ETI (Electronics Today International) magazine in July 1979. From here.

IDEA, International Advertising Art magazine – n. 44 Dicembre 1960 Cover by Ikko Tanaka.

Review of HT demo 20 Years Is Nothing in the german magazine RETURN Ausgabe 15