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Splendid by Larry Coryell & Philip Catherine, 1978. h/t Takashi Kawano

Notation (?) for Yannis Xenakis’ Le Diatope from 1978 that merges sound, light, color and architecture during live performances. h/t Tim Koch

DER advertising flyer dating from 1978, via.

ORACLE page 100, 1978.



Anni Albers Second Movement 5´V, 1978. Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

Microchess 2.0 (1978) a Commodore PET/CBM Game by Peter Jennings.
Check the video here. Thanks to Mathman for the tip.

Anonymous digital photomosaic of A.D. Coleman, 1978, via.

2024-update: archived source at archive.org

Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt: Kubisch, 1978. Born in 1932 in Wurzen, Saxony, Ruth is one of only a few female artists from the former DDR.