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Various blue music software for DOS: Composer 669 (1992), Multitracker (1993), HSC Tracker (1994), Surprise Adlib Tracker (1995).

Text-mode music software: Plebtracker (Linux, 2018) and Looper (Windows). h/t: bitnibblebyte

WarGames (1983) uses what looks like a custom font to display thermonuclear text mode graphics. It was made on a CompuPro 8/16, although an IMSAI 8080 is used in the movie (apparently for sale for $25,000). Read more, see more.

Old sketchbook drawings by Jennifer Daniel, via Book by its Covers. h/t: svea rikes lag

876 by François Van Damme, 2013. h/t @minusbaby.


Justice? by Miakar
Download justice.zip

Apple II textmode works by Krue. More here and here.

Text-mode Tetris controlled with a phone: La rhétorique peut casser des briques by Florent Deloison. Showing now in at the Festilab Frankenstein Media Festival in Avignon, France. Video.