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Emoticons from Kurjer Warszawski (5 March 1881) that depict joy, melancholy, indifference and astonishment just like these emoticons did a few weeks later.

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The Osage City Free Press, Kansas, April 26, 1888

Yet another type dude.

“A dude”, 1886. Published in the poetry section of the January issue of The Undergraduate, Middlebury’s newspaper. Source, via.

The world’s only woven book from 1886. You can do it yourself! Just make about 500,000 punch cards and put them into a Jacquard loom. Voilá!

The Livre de Prières, h/t Marcin Wichary

From 1882, these graphics were made with 13 symbols (shown at the bottom). This is a modular type called Combination Border No. 16, by Bruce’s New York Type Foundry. A little bit like PETSCII, a little bit more like alpha blox.

Found by Pinwheel Press & thanks to Marcin Wichary for the tip.

Text graphics from an 1889 book: “Eli Perkins. Wit, humor and pathos” by Landon, Melville D. (Melville De Lancey) via.

American cotton prints, mostly from the 1880s, from the.design.center.

These proto-emoticons were published in the satirical magazine Puck on 30 March, 1881. Although often described as the first emoticons, they seem to be a rip-off of a Polish magazine from just a few weeks earlier.

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