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Amish quilt from 1890, trixel style.

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Lone Star, 1890. Amish quilt, family Samuel Zook, Pennsylvania. Sammlung Schlumberger, Photo Rainer Viertlböck. Exhibition 2007, Neue Sammlung München. Exhibition Daimond and Bars. The Art of the Amish, 2007


Francis Brayley, Quilt, 1864-77. Made in India. V&A

Military quilts represent a unique chapter in the history of the craft. They are made from wool serge or worsted twill, used in the production of military uniforms. Because of the thickness of the cloth, piercing and sewing the quilts was extremely difficult and it is unlikely that any military quilts were made by women.

Flying Geese Quilt: Circa 1880; North Carolina

Annie E. Pettway, Flying Geese variation, ca. 1935;
From the exhibition The Quilts of Gee’s Bend

Sabrina Gschwandtner, from here and here.

Wild Geese Quilts by Rita Dijkstra of Hengelo (NL)
The Wild (or Flying) Geese pattern is a special case of the triangle family of quilt patterns.

Quilt by Lureca Outland ((Robert & Helen Cargo Collection).)

Quilt by Betty Rogers (Robert & Helen Cargo Collection).

Quilts by Mary Maxtion (Robert and Helen Cargo Collection).

Patchwork quilt design produced in the 1870s by Unknown