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Calcula by Shiva Nallaperumal and Tal Leming, 2017. A square kufic typeface that has thousands of ligatures to change the letter according different combinations.

Pratisara mantra, 927 CE

Mahāpratyaṅgirā mantra, 971 CE

Both of these are Chinese uses of the (Indian) Siddhaṃ script. h/t: Karl Kempton’s A History of Visual Text Art (p. 57)

Typewriter & maybe water colour, by Nisshta12.

Art Deco Kilim, India, Circa: Early 20th Century, 1930, via.

Quilt made in India by Francis Brayley ca 1864-1877. via design-is-fine

Military quilts represent a unique chapter in the history of the craft. They are made from wool serge or worsted twill, used in the production of military uniforms. Because of the thickness of the cloth, piercing and sewing the quilts was extremely difficult and it is unlikely that any military quilts were made by women.


Typewritten Portraits by Uday Mahadeo Talwalkar. He has made a World Record of the largest Typewritten Portrait of India’s Melody Queen “Lata Mangeshkar” (364 sheets of A4 size paper in 268 hours).