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Cityscapes and Moments by Whazzit for Blocktronics’ recent 6710 artpack.

From H7′s Amiga ASCII collection Jungle Fever, 2015.

Farewell by Cyonx – a ninja turtles ANSI with custom colours (xbin), based on a painting by Joao Pires. h/t: sixteen colors 

Record covers in ANSI: B-sides by Blocktronics. Prodigy – Fat of the land (by tcf), Björk – Debut (by Otium), Front 242 – Headhunter (by Otium), Ween – White pepper (by Misfit), Honey for petzi – Heal all monsters (by goo), Undertow – Fat lady insert (by tcf)

ASCII by Matt Matthew of Blocktronics, 2017.

ANSI zodiac signs by Whazzit for Blocktronics.

Predator ANSI by zeroVision. Made for the Iniquity BBS, 2006. Full piece here. h/t: Sixteen Colors.

The making of a Winona Ryder ANSI-portrait. Made in PabloDraw by The Creep Fever. The finished ANSI is here. It’s 160 characters wide, which enables more detail than the common 80 character standard.