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He-man & friends in PETSCII by Mermaid. Released today.

C64 PETSCII by Mermaid.

We are all ejected, by Archmage. C64 PETSCII.

Glad Gubbe C64 PETSCII by Mermaid.

C64 PETSCII by Mermaid, from Temptations.

‘we live in a time of monsters’ (2014)
Installation by Raquel Meyers for the exhibition ‘SonicGameSpace’
9th-12th October 2014, Østre Hus for Lydkunst / BEK – Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (Bergen,Norway)

PETSCII works from the workshop ‘Make Visuals with a Commodore 64’ by Raquel Meyers at BEK – Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (Norway).
Check more animations here.

Norway’s money will look like this in 2017. Higher resolution = lower value, as we already know.

Designed by SnøhettaMore info

h/t: Mike Judge

A Norwegian teenager tattoos a McDonald’s receipt on his arm & then tattoos the receipt of the tattoo studio, which get got free of charge so then he didn’t do more tattoos. The end.