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Girotel, a videotex banking service for old white men, running on the Dutch Viditel network. Most images from here.

Viditel, a Dutch videotex service from 1980s.

Viditel Jobdata

Viditel was a Dutch videotex standard, launched in 1980. With a special vidimodem and a homecomputer, you reached out in the world in teletext style. There were about 30,000 users. More info here and here.

Obscure C64 textmode software from 83/84. Microtel 600 was for videotex (Viditel in the Netherlands) and telesoftware (software that you download through teletext). Com-In seems to be for radio communication (RTTY) and other things. The software at the top (PA3ASM) is some sort of assembler or machine code monitor?

Pics from here. Thanks to Akira for the suggestion.