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A paper that is both a text and an executable program that plays music. Made by Tom 7 in his custom C compiler. More info here.


Code displaying 42 computes Code displaying 42 that outputs Equation outputting 42: http://ift.tt/1dSWdc6

A piece of code shaped like a donut renders a spinning donut in ASCII. Made by Andy Sloane:

via prostheticknowledge (with more explanations and links)

More code calligrams here.

Finished today, this is a program that does the captions for Hackers (1995). Watch the full source as HTML, and get more ascii/code art from Lord Nikon here.

A code calligram by Lord Nikon/Dekadence, 2014. The graphics are actually text that is actually code, and when you run that code, you get cubes.


lord nikon_smaller

These graphics are actually text, which is actually code, which when executed shows an animated ASCII torus.

By Lord Nikon/Dekadence, 2014. More code calligrams here.


Source code for converting text into ASCII stereograms. The source code itself is a also stereogram (cross your eyes to get 3D-effect).

Hermannn2 by Immanuel Hermann, 2001.

Demonstrations of Most Complex ASCII Fluid by Yusuke Endoh 2012. The top one is a code calligram, where the code spells out Fluid and then turns itself fluid. Got an honorary mention in the Obfuscated C Code Competition

youtube + info

A piece of code that looks like a Mandelbrot fractal, and actually renders a Mandelbrot fractal in hi-res. A modern form of calligram, perhaps.

via weblingus. More: Python ascii art runs mandelbrot fractal