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-=[ calculators ]=- 9/99 by Joan Stark

Owls by Joan Stark, via

-=[ skeletons ]=- 10/98 by Joan Stark

-=[ woman in cake ]=-  8/98 by Joan Stark.

A video made with Youtube annotations. Never saw this before. It’s called “Follow Me” since there are super internet links all over the video. Features some ASCII-works by Joan Stark. 

If you can’t see the video, watch it on Youtube to see the annotations. Tumblr no like texty-texty?

-=[ gameboy ]=- by Joan Stark

-=[ hamster ]=- 2/98  by Joan Stark

-=[ skulls ]=- 10/98 by Joan Stark

-=[ walrus ]=- 9/97 by Joan Stark

-=[ giraffe ]=- 4/99 by Joan Stark