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Stills from ACID* fritidshus (2012) by Raquel Meyers. Pure PETSCII power!

By Raquel Meyers (2011). (via)

Skype art by Raquel Meyers, made with Skype Emoticon Art Drawing Tool

h-rs- (2012) by raquel meyers

Faxed petscii by Raquel Meyers (2011). More here.

n-wh-r- (2012) by raquel meyers.

Fuck My Account (2011)
A jam session with Raquel Meyers and Goto80. C64 with live audio effects, VHS, video mixer, etc.

Excerpt from a gig with four C64s at the chip/noise event Bit Brus in Gothenburg, 2012. Perhaps the first gig ever with 100% text mode petscii? Performed by Goto80 and Raquel Meyers.

By Raquel Meyers (2011).

By Raquel Meyers. Stills from the C64-demo Acid Burger (2011). Also check acidburger.com (2010).