Triplesix virus aka 666 test (666TEST.ZIP).
This is a worm written in Visual Basic Script language (VBS). This worm spreads via e-mail and IRC channels. Being executed the worm script displays the message:

Does your name add up to 666? This handy little tool will tell you what your name adds up to in ASCII characters (without including spaces and without converting numbers to ASCII). It is just for fun, it does not mean you are going to go to hell if you get a 666. You should probably read the bible if you are concerned about that.

Then it asks user for names and counting sum of ASCII codes of characters in entered text:

Does your name add up to 666? Enter your name. Also try names from your family and friends. And if you want something interesting try BILL GATES 3 (Bill’s real name is Bill Gates the third) and HOLY BIBLE. Press Cancel or Ok without entering any name to exit.