This week is dedicated to the Japanese computer series Sharp MZ-700 (1982-1985). It was very popular to use it for textmode graphics. It is technically similar to PETSCII (see here) and ANSI, but it usually looks quite different.

The difference is not so much caused by the linguistic symbols (like Shift-JIS vs occidental ASCII). In fact, the character set doesn’t seem to have many Japanese characters and they are rarely used for graphics (like with ANSI). Instead, the visual difference is caused by the “semigraphical” characters. And of course, by the cultural conditions (hello anime). 

Each character can have different background and foreground colour (like ANSI), so it’s possible to work with fine details and also complex shading using the -sign.

GIFs from: M-700 & Mysterious man Prints (怪奇版画男), a character created by Ki Nao Karasawa in the 1990s, and from here

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