Digitiser was a British teletext magazine, 1993-2003. The main theme was videogames, but it seems to have been more like a literary experiment to poke fun at most things. Digitiser did not discriminate, though. It “hates everyone equally, man”. 

The magazine used surreal language, strange humour, fake advertising and made fun of contributors. The teletext bosses hated Digitiser, but couldn’t do anything about it since it was so popular. At the end the pressure became too big though, and Digitiser went out with a zezy worm splash. From Wikipedia:

The most controversial “Reveal-O” appeared right at the end of Digitiser’s life, on the final page of the final letters section. It purported to be a picture of “the real Turner The Worm (a cartoon character from Teletext also created by Rose) being sick”. Pressing the reveal button then uncovered an image that many have likened to a recently-ejaculated penis.

There is a video of this issue here. Super Page 58 has saved some of the texts. Wikipedia has more information. Pictures from gearforgold & luizalfonso.