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Los Prismos Basálticos, Mexico. Nature goes blocky.


Cross sea at Île de Ré, France. The waves of two weather systems meet and create a dangerous grid.


Fingal’s Cave in Scotland. Good example of how nature’s hexagonal bias can produce blocky shapes.

Devils Postpile, USA. Nature’s own hexagonal tessellations, square blocks and straight pillars.

Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. Although humans are arguably the most digital animal, sometimes nature does some very square & hexagonal things..


Crystal text-mode! These are called Bismuth Crystals.


Snake scales, nature text-mode locomotion.

The smallest animation ever! Frame by frame animation with atoms, made by IBM. They say that each atom is like a pixel, but hm. Atoms are not the smallest unit we know of. But pixels are, in computer graphics.

So – these atoms are better described as text graphics!

Watch the videoPics from here. Thanks to Peter Swimm and LittlePiltrafilla for sharing.

The Textile Cone is a venomous cone snail that can kill humans. Some people have called it the Textmode Killer of the Sea. Pic from Wikipedia.

Breaking textmode news! The human brain is a grid. Atleast according to this first (?) map of the brain. The Human Connectome Project claim that

the grid is the language of the brain and wiring and re-wiring work by modifying it.

The Connectome book cover is illustrated with a textmodey face, since the idea is that the conditioning of the grid pattern is what creates and maintains our personality.