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From MAD Magazine, 1965. via rainemanisfake

Fake Language Machine by De Villo Sloan. Made with a Royal Selector electric typewriter.

By De Villo Sloan, 2023.

From Danni Storm‘s exhibition W(ord)s & Weavings, which just finished in Copenhagen. Typed on a Brother Deluxe 220 typewriter.

Typewriter works by Dirk Krecker. Blut (2008), Euro Fighter (1997) and Pattern Recognition (2012).

ASCII and typewriter works by ty.p0, 2017-2022.

Work-in-progress examples from Egidija Čiricaitė’s Twitter.

Fun with basic keyboard graphics, a book from 1986 by Winnifred Nichols. Contains step-by-step instructions for 50 keyboard/typewriter works. Plenty of seasonal greetings! Available in full at archive.org thanks to Marcin Wichary.

Typewriter works by Michael Czerwinski, 2020. source