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Coding with emojis, using Apple’s new Swift programming language.

By Alex Bilbie

Muscles in Sweden, bla-bla in the UK, monkeys in France, hearts & broken hearts in Saudi Arabia, tongues & clapping in Spain and moustaches in Turkey.

Silicon Feelings – a real-time view of emoji usage around the world

Oneohtrix Point Never – Boring Angel. Music video that displays one emoji at a time. By John Michael Boling.


Some fun Japanese stamps restocked, incl. the popular Faces Stamp for expressing any emotion on paper. 


Not surprisingly, there’s an app that converts an image into a grid of emojis. The name? Emojify….

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Emoji art from emojinalartemojiart & emoji art history. You might not want to look at the Kate Perry video aswell.

Emoticons/emojis created by overlyaing several text characters on top of eachother. These instructions are from 1976, and might have been around as early as 1972.

This technique was possible on the amazing 1970s PLATO computer, and probably never again after that? You could also move the text-chars around on a pixel level. Pictures/info from platopeople.com.

How were these things done? Well, on PLATO, you could press SHIFT-space to move your cursor back one space — and then if you typed another character, it would appear on top of the existing character. And if you wanted to get real fancy, you could use the MICRO and SUB and SUPER keys on a PLATO keyboard to move up and down one pixel or more — in effect providing a HUGE array of possible emoticon characters.

Sea Salt by Mir.I.Am, via emojipoems.