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So the iOS source code apparently contained an ASCII pony by Joan Stark. via partytimeHXLNT

The Ohio state flag and a pirate flag (by Joan Stark) with a coded wave effect by Sam Carrettie.

Cheshire Cat by Joan Stark, 1996.

ASCIIQuarium, a perl-script by Robobunny with graphics mostly by Joan Stark. There are screensaver versions for OSX and Win. GIF made from this video by Mewbies.

-=[ totem pole ]=- 7/97 by Joan Stark

-=[ carousel horse ]=- 1/98 by joan stark

-=[ Easter design ]=-  3/01 by joan stark

-=[rabbits]=- 8/97  by Joan Stark

-=[ cat at the computer ]=-  4/97 by Joan Stark

-=[ the ‘ultimate’ computer system ]=- 2/01 by Joan Stark