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Album cover for Cryptochrome by Poke-1,170. It’s MSX IDM.

Arjan Swets:

After the MSX-1 a bought an MSX-2 . The NMS 8250 .I Still have this computer and all the accessories. Like the FM-PAC , Philips music module with the keyboard, modems . I’ve been online for almost 4 years with a minihost videotext databank(MSX-Net).

ZAPP is the only real virus for the MSX computer. It was written by Wybe Wijkamp in 1993. The virus infects all COM files and on the screen, the text:

Did you know today;??‘s ZAPP‘s birthday”

Crappy GIF-animations from a cam-version of a new demo for the 8-bit MSX computer: Amurisus by Lieves!Tuore. Check the original video here.