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Portrait of Hiroyuki Nishimura by Christoph Niemann. Hiroyuki is the founder of the textboard 2channel (1999) where many Japanese Shift_JIS memes come from. It seems to have an even broader popularity than its English-speaking off-spring 4chan (2003).

KEYBOARD ART By Paul Hadley (1948)

Illustrations for Trois Couleurs magazine, n°94, about the shut down of the Minitel in 2012 by Anna Apter and Charles Bataillie.

Article about videotex in the magazine PC Mikrodata

Minitel animation of the elected president François Mitterrand in 1981.

Menno Fast: Flag, 1948

Rosaire J. Belanger: George Washington, 1939

Live action typewriter art in a video from the 1950s. It’s presented on German TV by a man who is as big as a coffee cup.

Great clip from 1984 where Rolf Harris demonstrates C64 text mode graphics with great enthusiasm. “You can choose any colour you want!”

Looks like the software uses a slightly customized petscii font. He also announces a text mode compo, for single images and animations.


About the Icelandic teletext exhibition Page 444, 2007.