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Receipt Racer by Undef & Joshua Noble, 2011. Using a Playstation gamepad, the user controls a car that is projected on to the paper coming out of the receipt printer.


Clint Eastwood print on an old printer hacked by Arduino.

Picture is converted in ASCII and sent via USB to the Arduino board. The board control the two stepper motor of the old printer. A pen (Pentel)  draw on paper… 

Video here

A more stylish interface for Morse Code: printing telegraphs! Each key represents a letter, and there is a shift key for capitalization.

This is Hughes telegraph (1866), which was the first telegraph that printed text on paper. Printing telegraphs were available earlier than that, often used for the stock market. Don’t fight the tape!

Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim – Boolean Image/Conceptual Typewriter. From the exhibition Software in NYC, 1970. According to the under-age programmers of this piece, The R.E.S.I.S.T.O.R.S: 

The exhibit was an anti-climax. The show opened in the summer, when it was rather hot, and the heat from all the computers made it even hotter. To keep the IDIIOM from overheating, they stuck a block of dry ice underneath which worked OK, but when the company saw what was happening to their computer, they took it home.

The head of a printer has a camera, which takes pictures that are converted into ASCII, and printed again. Feedback loop, yup yup.

Ivan Khimin’s exhibition in St Petersburg. Photos by Vladimir Mikhaylutsa and Яков Кальменс.