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“On The Road” Scroll 
In April 1951, Kerouac taped together eight twenty-foot strips of teletype paper to from a single scroll some 127 feet long. Feeding it into a portable typewriter.

Standard 5-Level Teletype code common throughout the 20th century. Here is the Morkrum/Teletype encoding, presented with military thoroughness in the 1940s

Teletype list equipment for operation MOONBOUNCE (1964) / St. Joe’s High School 

Teletype Corporation’s Model 28 line of communications terminals was first delivered to the US Military in 1951, via.

Teletype Messages Sent Through Switch Board”, Popular Mechanics, April 1932. AT&T offering two way service through switchboards

Two museums in Seattle link up two Teletype 37s (1969) for four hours so people could chat and, you know, send ASCII Homers.

Full video + More teletype art.

Santa arrives via Model 19 Radio Teletype (1940s). By Museum of Communications, Seattle on christmas eve 2013.

Full video + More Radio Teletype art.

Weather Teletype Code (1957).
The information was typed on a teletype machine that produced a perforated tape coded with the data, forecast or warning.

Teletype christmas greets at the Museum of Communication in Seattle. From their Twitter. Also check their videos here.