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PlayPlax is construction toy invented by Patrick Rylands for Trendon Toys in 1966.

Lego mosaic portraits by brixels

Dispatchwork, a cityscape lego repair project around the world.
Check their manifesto here.

TRIUMPH MOSAIC – Antique German Clay Marble Game – 1930s from here

MarveLasy, a Chinese building block toy

Hammerons by Pressman, a building set from1960s, via.

Polka Doodles peg board toy by the Lisbeth Whiting Company circa 1965.

Mosaic wood block board game Ca 1930’s, via

Coloredo by Quercetti (1946), a pegboard with its famous multicoloured mushroom-shaped pegs.
The game was inspired by an old French compositional game made of a perforated carton board and a bunch of wooden sticks with colourful wax tops.

Rubber-band Toy Kakecco (2012) by Haruki Nagayama