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Kufic Calligraphy in Architecture, via.

Kufic calligraphy 2 by Fatima Graham in Needlepoint, via.

Square Kufic from Free Islamic Calligraphy

Kufic Tiles, via

These two images show the same text, afaik The top one is a square kufi. More info here. Made by Wan Lutfi.

Square kufic dating back to 1433!

via kufikufi.

Square kufic by Hassan Massoudy, 1981. 

via Visual Arabic

Square kufic (text) from the Friday Mosque of Herat, first built in 1200. Pics from here.

This is code for “don’t mind my parents”. See for yourself. Made by Wan Lutfi, Malaysia.

From the Assyafaah mosque in Singapore. Not sure what it says but it looks good!