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\/\The conscience of a Hacker/\/ by The Mentor 1986 with My Little Pony graphics “written shortly after my arrest”.

Crack intro screen before a US Gold Atari game from 1985. Supplied by SiXX/G*P.

Two articles on PETSCII graphics for PlayNET, the American online service that later became AOL. A man pushing a sign, and a shamrock. OUTSTANDING! Also – seems like smilies were pretty established at that time.. 

From the Behind the Screens magazine, 1986 and 1987.

Text-mode animation for Atari 8-bits. It uses a custom made character set so I suppose it’s not ATASCII. Or is it? Cursor art!

more here

Pretty great fight animation in ATASCII. By Peter A. Ritchie, 1986.


Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends Show, with PlayNET – an American online system for Commodore 64. PlayNET was the first service of its kind and later spawned both Quantum Link and AOL. 

Original video

h/t: Tim Koch

All American BBS – a software to run your own bulletin board. The American way! It’s still in use, for example at Borderline BBS.

More info. Images from here.

ATASCII animation by Alan Kirk, 1986. Also uses custom characters.

More info & ATASCII-videos at Break Into Chat.


Karl Gerstner, from his book The forms of colour: the interaction of visual elements, 1986. Via flickrstream Oliver Tomas

ATASCII animation on Atari 800 by Brian Hastings. Won the Atari ‘Toons contest in the ANTIC magazine in 1986. They call it cursor art.

More info at Break Into Chat.