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Various blue music software for DOS: Composer 669 (1992), Multitracker (1993), HSC Tracker (1994), Surprise Adlib Tracker (1995).

ASCII/ANSI by Exude 1998 for Mistigris (@mistfunk). via. 

Part of an ASCII by Axel Barebones for Remorse/Acid,  re-published in Mistigris 9803.


Legends of the Hidden Temple by Chris Kohler (1994)
[LEGENDS.ZZT] – Title screen
Download / Explore legends.zip on the Museum of ZZT
Play on Archive.org


The Pink Man in Green by SaMM/WiL (1999)
[TPMIG-MB.ZZT] – $_/~ VisuoFunctional Spectrum _/~
Download / Explore pmig.zip on the Museum of ZZT
Play on Archive.org

Cybercrime International Network, by iCE in 1993. Found in Mistigris-9803.


Alive Software’s very pretty Summer 1996 catalog. From ALIVECAT.exe

Acid logo by Cleaner, 1999.

So the iOS source code apparently contained an ASCII pony by Joan Stark. via partytimeHXLNT