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Nadine (Lady Luck), 1991. Perhaps she is referring to Yvonne Adams?

ASCII by Rowan Crawford (Row), 1993-1994.

ASCII-works by b’ger (Joris Bellenger), 1997.

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ASCII works by b’ger (Joris Bellenger), 1996.

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Devious Dezigns, Amiga ASCII logo in Shaman by Dvize, 1990s.

KOINS, a Korean teletext service on KBS TV was originally launched in January 1990, but was re-launched 18 August, 1990 according to this news segment. A year later, it was announced that the decoder hardware was delayed, so KBS made the service available through computers, according to this news segment.

Also see the Korean MBC teletext.

Russian teletext on Channel 31, Moscow, 1996, via coub

C64 BBS-graphics by Deekay, made 1994-2013 from what I can tell. Logos for Antidote, Antidote, Datascapes, State of the Art, The Hidden and The Pirate Island.

From СИСТЕМА ТЕЛЕТЕКСТ, a document about the Russian teletext standard GOST R 50861-96 from 1996 (updated in 2017). It almost looks like it was drawn by hand?