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Made by Jens Jørgen Hansen, 2015. Photos from his Flickr, via.

50 vogels – a project to print 50 birds each with 16×16 LEGO pieces. Made by Roy Scholten and Martijn van der Blom, 2018. Prints are available to buy, and a book is coming in October. More info available here.

via printmag

Dino cards – printed with LEGO pieces as letterpress. Made by Roy Scholten and Martijin van der Blom, 2017. via printmag

Tree of Dissipation, Intemperance, via.

‘Sierpinski triangle’ by Jennifer Daniel, for the David Huyck’s (Cloudy Collection) themed letterpress art collections.

Jenifer Daniel‘s Business Cards (2010).
Letterpress printer Cranky Pressman.

ASCII ad in Providence Journal, 1862. More 1800’s ASCII ads here.

JK Keller’s business cards, inspired by Japanese spam.