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Predator ANSI by zeroVision. Made for the Iniquity BBS, 2006. Full piece here. h/t: Sixteen Colors.

An obscure little program in German to convert images into text, using the words of your choice. It seems to be called RUTVIEW and you can download it here.

A piece of code shaped like a donut renders a spinning donut in ASCII. Made by Andy Sloane:

via prostheticknowledge (with more explanations and links)

More code calligrams here.

ASCII art from an Urban Outfitters bag, 2006. via Notcot.

ZX 81 Image Maker by Refresh Creations LTD (2006)


#teletextartoftheday #teletext Lukashajek, Rabbit is Gone for VBI Microtel, 2006. An eagle soars through a 70s living room!

Source: http://ift.tt/1vKrIlY

Windy by Delaware, 2006.

Knitoscope Testimonies (2006) by Cat Mazza, via.
An animation in cross stitch of interviews with various individuals working within the labor movement.

Dwarf Fortress or Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress (Tarn Adams, 2006), is a part roguelike, part city-building freeware video game set presented in text-only Code page 437 graphics, in various colors.

By( ^ω^) (2006)