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Typewriter map of Africa by the cartographer Daniel Huffman. It was done by resizing a map of Africa into 75×60 pixels, add a shaded relief, categorize each pixel according to intensity, convert it to ASCII, add details in Illustrator, and then type it on a typewriter.

More info and images here.

Archeological maps from 1975. A good way of visualizing spatial and other information simultaneously, and obviously a forerunner to both text adventure maps and modern cartography, as noted here.

Also check typewriter maps, fat font for text mode infovis & the virus map.


Virus world map, ASCII-version. Updated in real-time – see video. Made by Jyrki Muukkonen, 2012.


Stamen Design mapping energy efficinecy, in text mode style, via.



Specifically designed for decimal numbers whose boldness corresponds with it’s value, for use in data visualization:

The FatFonts technique is based on a new type of numeric typeface designed for visualization purposes that bridge the gap between numeric and visual representations. FatFonts are based on Arabic numerals but, unlike regular numeric typefaces, the amount of ink (dark pixels) used for each digit is proportional to its quantitative value. This enables accurate reading of the numerical data while preserving an overall visual context. 

Fatfonts are designed so that the amount of dark pixels in a numeral character is proportional to the number it represents … This proportionality of ink is the main property of FatFonts. It allows us to create images of data where you can read the numbers, and represent tables that can be read as images.

You can find out more about the project here