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Cutting edge wind predicition is of course done in textish mode, with a rotating slash/dash that varies in thickness. via

More text visualizations here.

The code of Linux shown as 3D ASCII. Codeology uses information from GitHub to visualizes projects straight in your browser. Check it out. 

Made by Braintree, a brand that have used ASCII before.

h/t: zproc

Business predictions in ASCII-style by Bloomberg. Graphics by Mira Rojanasakul, Adam Pearce, and Steph Davidson.

More text-mode visualizations here.

Typeset infographics from 1888 about Michigan alcohol regulations. Dry counties have dots and wet counties have waves ∿∿. The blank ones didn’t vote yet.

More at Dusty Diary. via Laura Brown.

ASCII-visualization of the current weather. Weatherspect by Robobunny (2003/2013) uses data from Wunderground and animates it in coloured ASCII. Snow, lightning, sleet and hail is supported, aswell as the sun and the moon. GIF made from this video by Mewbies.

A weather client that runs in the terminal: wego by schachmat.

h/t: svearikeslag

Javascript tool to build dashboards in ASCII/ANSI. Or other applications, if you want. Blessed Contrib by Yaron Naveh, via blocktronics.

The two first images is from an app that displays time, changing the labyrithic pattern each second (Bifurcan). The second one is a drawing app (Rafinograde).

Made by Devine Lu Linvega.

Muscles in Sweden, bla-bla in the UK, monkeys in France, hearts & broken hearts in Saudi Arabia, tongues & clapping in Spain and moustaches in Turkey.

Silicon Feelings – a real-time view of emoji usage around the world

Visualize your browser habits with browser plugin. It sequences the favicons of all the URLs you have visited lately. Mine was just full of braille symbols because of Flappy Braille, so these images are from here. 

Made by Shan Huang. More info here. Get the plugin for Chrome here.