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Otto von Bismarck typewriter portrait (1898), via

Selbstportraits de.alt.rec.ascii-art [2003-10-18] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Had Your Portrait Typewritten?” feat. Hobart Reese.
Portraits of President Harding, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks scanned from the March 1922 issue of Science and Invention magazine, via.


“frida kahlo” typoportrait by kevin mcpherson eckhoff

Ian Wright

By reszko

Lego mosaic portraits by brixels

Abraham Lincoln’s face with painted styrofoam balls at FACIAL RECOGNITION by Al Jarnow for 3-2-1 Contact (an educational TV show on PBS in the 1980s).
Watch the full animation here.

> David Murray by Ian Wright

Typewritten portraits by Nadine Faye James (2007). Source.