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WAKK, a DOS-game by Meantee, 2003.

From the game asciijump, by

Grzegorz Moskal and others, 2003. via

It has three play modes, World Cup, Training, and network games. In World Cup, it has players like Erykah Badu, Charlie Parker, Thom York, and Bjrök, all musicians that I do not understand.

(§)”=$” by raumkundschafter, 2003.

A camera on a printers head sends images as ascii-data to the printer. The printout in turn is feeded back to the camera as optical data again generating ascii-data to the printer that is printed

Selbstportraits de.alt.rec.ascii-art [2003-10-18] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Flyer for a night in London 2003 w/ Lektrogirl, Paul B Davis, DJ Manbag, John Power.


Yoshi Sodeoka’s ASCII Rock. Found this via his psychedelic gif animations (recommended). Just another ASCII-conversion perhaps, but made in 2003.

ASCII ROCK / God Save The Queen — Sex Pistols (2003) from Yoshi Sodeoka on Vimeo.