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Typographische Monatsblätter nr 11, by Wolfgang Weingart 1970.

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Book cover design by Walter Breker, 1960. Unusual style compared to other text graphics at the time, somewhere inbetween typewriter art and typography perhaps.

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Walter Breker, cover artwork for the book Reisebericht. Aluminium in der Architektur der USA, 1960. Düsseldorf, Aluminium-Verlag. Via Shuij Fukuda / pinterest 

The difference between what you see on keyboard and what is available in font is often staggering.

Yves Peters

web-based Lite-Brite experiment by Type Theory (2009)

Typography works by LIU DAKAI. Thanks to prosthetic knowledge for the tip.

TM cover design by Hans-Rudolf Lutz (1965).

Grace Stott – Text Dre@ms. A show in SMFA’s Case Sensitive. via


by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (1912 – 1914). More info.

Yeah, humans need to step up their game. (via writing-system)

Very impressive stop motion text movie: TXT ISLAND.

TXT ISLAND is a typographic tale of epic misadventure. The film was shot as stop-motion animation of plastic sign board letters by animation director Chris Gavin and completed in May 2009 after a production period of around 9 months.

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